Frequently Asked Questions

What is FilmIt?

FilmIt is a mobile app that helps business people plan what to film and uses Augmented Reality to teach them how to capture professional shots. FilmIt then provides automated editing. Videos are automatically saved to users’ local photo albums.

Is FilmIt video editing software?

FilmIt is completely different from the video editing software in the market and goes way beyond editing. Like a human videographer, FilmIt helps users with planning, filming and editing. For planning, FilmIt’s storyboards come with the types of shots video experts recommend. For filming, FilmIt provides users video and text instructions to ensure the quality of shots. For editing, it’s all done automatically when they hit “Save”.

What is a Storyboard?

A storyboard is a collection of suggested video elements for each final video. For example, in Real Estate, you might have a House Tour Storyboard, or an Agent Introduction Storyboard. The storyboard elements include but are not limited to: Intro and Outro Videos Filming Clips with video and text instructions: Different types of shots (Close-up, Medium, Long, etc.) with different camera movements (Still, Pan, etc.) with different duration Background Music Graphics FilmIt works closely with clients to design customized storyboards for their unique needs.

Is there a free version of FilmIt?

No. However, we offer a free storyboard for potential clients to test out FilmIt’s capabilities. We typically enter an annual contract discussion within two weeks after the testing has started.

What is FilmIt’s business model?

With a monthly subscription fee, each end user can get access to FilmIt. The one-off production fee for customized storyboards is billed separately based on the quantity and complexity of each storyboard.

I love FilmIt. How can I help?

FilmIt is looking for test users from Real Estate companies with 100-500 realtors. Individual Realtors are also welcome to sign up for testing. If you’re selected, you will get access to the test storyboard and will be able to create a house tour video within 15 minutes. No editing. We promise.

Do you have to be a realtor to use FilmIt?

No, you do not need to be a realtor to use FilmIt. Please fill out this survey to tell us more about your needs.

Who is FilmIt designed for?

FilmIt is designed for business people who want to communicate powerfully using videos. It’s great for real estate professionals, eCommerce vendors, and business managers and owners of small and medium-sized businesses.

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