Video creation for business goals.
No editing.

Videographer in Your Pocket

The FilmIt app helps business people plan what to film and uses Augmented Reality to teach them how to capture professional shots. FilmIt then provides automatic editing. 

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Three FilmIt Steps

Pick a Storyboard

Access professionally-designed storyboards for your goals anytime, anywhere.

Follow Filming Guidance

Film professional-looking shots with on-screen instructions powered by Augmented Reality.

Click "Save"

Editing is automatically done for you. Final videos are saved in the photo album. You can share them to websites and social channels.

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FilmIt allows me to create a more professional social media presence, and also helps to sell more homes by giving clients an inside look at some of the unique aspects of a home from a Realtor's point of view. 


Zackary Furnari,
Real Estate Videographer

FilmIt is a really useful and powerful tool that I think will be extremely helpful for realtors and other content creators in general. The instructions were very simple and easy to follow.

Anna Liu, Senior Global Product Marketing Manager

FilmIt is the easiest way for any business person to get into video production. I have not seen anything like this in the market before.

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